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- Plug n Play. Compatible with OBD-II port on every vehicle manufactured since 1996.
- Default real time updates to every 25 seconds. 12 months FREE service.
- Real time location. Alerts of Geofence,Towing,Collision,Over Speed etc.
- 12 months manufacturer's warranty.
- Gisafe APP works with Android and IOS.You can manage 5 devices in 1 account.


Gi0704 OBDII Comprehensive GPS/GSM Tracker The Gi0704 OBDII GPS/GSM tracking unit offer convinient and ready to go solution. Plug N Play The Sniper Gi0704 Plug & Play tracking device is Gisafe latest concept in the tracking industry. The extremely compact designed Plug & Play tracking device with intelligent power management, is integrated with the J1962 connector, or known as the ODBII diagnostic plug, offers quick hassle free installation. FOTA & Configuration The Gi0704 device is designed for full compatibility with over the air configuration as well as firmware updates. This feature accelerate customer application & integration via Gisafe dadicated gateway solution to provide device provisioning, deployment, monitoring, and tracking worldwide. Application flexibility The Gi0704 employs with leading alert system with flexible programing rules to apply. This advanced engine monitors all conditions and supports user defined exception based rules to help meet the needs of your application. Gi0704 continuously monitors the vehicle status and responds instantaneously to pre-defined threshold related to time, date, motion, location, geo-zone, speed and other event combinations.

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