25In Semi Auto Cold Laminator Automatic/Manual Laminator Machine 110V
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- Manual/Automatic Electric Model. No need to roll all the time manually, with automatic electric function, labor free, high effciency, more acurate. 110V power, no transformer needed. Aply to North America. Contact us if you need a 220V one. Manually available if you are doing a small laminating.
- Superior result. Brand new soft rubber rollers, smooth surface. With cold lamination, wrinkles or bubbles are much less likely to form. Cold laminators won't harm heat sensitive documents or photographs
- Better, safer laminating experience. The plastic laminate won't melt and stick to the rolls as it can with a hot laminator, meaning you won't experience a burnt plastic odor. And no heat means no chance of burns and no potential fire hazard -- all reasons why cold laminators are a practical choice for schools, offices, and sensitive work environments. They are ideal with untrained or unsupervised staff who have a need to use the machine.
- Anyone Can Use them. Other than small pouch laminators, hot laminating machines require a trained operator. With cold lamination on the other hand, most machines can be run by anyone.
- All metal construction for heavy duty commercial and professional uses. Adjustable roller position suitable for various material thickness. High quality/high precision cold laminator. Stand with rollers


This cold laminator can apply cold press process to cover graphics with cold laminating film which has good preservative waterproof and excellent performance. Through the process of laminating, the graphics will be fresh, colorfast, non-yellowing. This method is now widely applied in wedding photography, spraying and painting as well as mounting of poster, advertising photograph, book cover, document, calligraphy and painting, invitations and more. This 25″Semi – auto Cold Laminating Machine can be widely used for pre – masking vinyl graphic, mount prints on substrate, over laminating inkjet prints and so on. The desktop cold laminator is used for after printing. Available for photographic, Ad. Shop and copy shop to do lamination work, adding a protective layer on books cover, photographic, color pages, documents, charts, drawings, indoor advertising products, etc. Semi – auto cold laminating machine (Automatic take – up rolls of back paper), with functions of single sided cold laminating and mounting by electric Table Top Model, driven by electric or by hand (For option) No need to heat, with auto rewind shafts Maximum Laminating Width 25″(650mm) Maximum Laminating Thickness 1″(25MM) Emergency Stops Yes Laminating Speed adjustable Shipping Weight 200LB(50KG) Power 110V 50Hz package Size 39x18x19″(100x46x48CM) Item Included: 26Inch Automatic/Manual Laminating Machine 120072

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